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Premium Eyelash Extensions


iCute iLashes specializes in providing premium eyelash extensions.  Come experience the most natural, full, long- lasting, and comfortable lashes with us.  Each strand of eyelash is individually applied to ensure that the health of your natural lashes is not damaged.  We are your premier destination for quality eyelash extensions.  Our only focus is on eyelash extensions and the health of your natural lashes.  Applying extensions is a service closely associated with your eyes and thus selecting the right salon is key.  

We are committed to you and to providing exemplary service in transforming your ordinary lashes into extraordinary beauties!  Say "goodbye" to mascara and "hello" to safe and pain-free eyelash extensions.  No more curling your eyelashes or applying mascara.  Just get out of bed, look in the mirror, and say "good morning" to your gorgeous eyes!  Lash extensions are great for special occasions as well as everyday wear.  It is now one of the newest and most marvelous ways to enhance your eyes and give yourself a striking look!                                                                      


                                                               Come wake up beautiful with us!